Sharwood's Takeaway

Ordering takeaway is always a special way to treat yourself, and Sharwood’s Takeaway allows you to have that convenience presented in a new way. Recognizing consumers’ desires to eat healthy foods but also to stay within a budget, the line of delicious foods offers a variety of options for any mood. WowMe! Design created the packaging with all of these elements in mind.

Andy White, WowMe! Designs Creative Director comments, “Our brief was to create a pack design, including the photographic direction, that would complement the launch of a perfect Saturday night ‘eat in’ meal solution designed specifically to embrace consumer needs for quality ingredients, choice, value for money and something everyone can enjoy and share together, whilst remaining faithful to the existing brand. We are very proud of what we have designed.”

Sharwood’s Takeaway looks like an easy and accessible option for buyers. It clearly lets the consumer mix and match based on their own personal tastes, creating an endless options. Mouthwatering images of the foods appear on the front, but unlike actual takeaway, vital nutrition facts are stated on the front. The packaging presents the meal as something delicious and simple to make.

Charlotte Bourne, FRM brand manager at Kerry Foods comments, “This is a landmark launch for Kerry Foods. The average Brit eats 19 takeaways per year. The new Sharwood’s range is designed to tap into this market, encouraging new shoppers into the FRM aisle by offering them a range from a brand they can trust.”


Designed by WowMe! Design

Client: Kerry Foods

Country: United Kingdom