It’s a simple law of inertia: a body in motion tends to stay in motion. This is the idea that the DuPuis Group utilized in their work for the branding and packaging for Propel water.

Using literal ideas of propulsion, the design aims to reposition the brand as “the workout water,” the little extra something that will help you during exercise. The flavored water is clear and looks like a refreshing way to stay hydrated, and a small band of coordinating colors helps differentiate each flavor. The Propel name is placed perfectly in the crest of a water wave, giving the impression that it’s almost swooped in and has created the water’s motion itself.

The flavor enhancers and six-packs also feature this same idea, implying speed and efficiency. This is not only a great option for a workout but also for those on the go, looking for something that offers more than water but also won’t weigh them down.


Designed by DuPuis Group

Country: United States

City: Chicago, IL