“Veg with edge.” This is the idea behind Hawards pickled vegetable brand which offers some serious punch and personality. Designed by Bulletproof, Haywards’ lineup includes a variety of onions as well as beets, cabbage, and more, all of which offer ways to liven up your food.

Bulletproof comments, “We wanted to invigorate an old fashioned and traditional category dominated by private label by pushing boundaries and positioning the Haywards brand as the ‘Masters of Pickle.’ Haywards pickled veg has a loyal fan base of older consumers, who have grown up eating it, however research showed that consumers didn’t understand the flavour profiles and strengths of the various products in the range. Our challenge was to create a bold and flavour-centric design to entice younger consumers to trial the products – all without alienating existing consumers.”

“As part of its strategic process, Bulletproof developed the ‘Tongue-tastic’ creative platform to capture the sharp, cheek-sucking, eye-popping flavour sensations of a Haywards’ pickled vegetable – ‘the veg with edge.’ From this, the creation of a bold design would emerge – a visual interpretation of a ‘flavour punch’ that is striking, impactful and promises to smack taste buds squarely in the face."

The new identity and packaging clears up the confusion for consumers and communicates the characteristics of each variety boldly. The product is written in an all-caps sans serif font, and a meter is used to gauge the spiciness. This is a quick way for buyers to hone in on which one is the best choice for them. The Haywwards brand name rests at the top of each label, and the blue metallic lids unify the brand. With its new identity, Haywards comes off as an exciting product for those looking to make their meals better.


Designed by Bulletproof

Client: Mizkan Euro

Country: United Kingdom

City:  London