Blue is a cool and calming color that represents creativity and intelligence. It is a popular color among large companies, hospitals, airlines, as well as packaging design. This week we take a look at collection of blue packaging projects. Let us know which is your favorite. 

Ruffles Brand Re-stage

A brand typically seen at most family gatherings, Ruffles was associated with nostalgia and was easily characterized as the familiar favorite in the potato chip space. DuPuis Group modernized Ruffles through a bold redesign that appeals to the Millennial male. 



Taf Coffee

Known for its expertise and long term experience in high-quality coffee, Taf Coffee is a brand to look out for. With a stunning espresso blend packaged by Typical. Organization, Taf seeks to educate coffee amateurs from Greece on the importance of a good brew. With detailed instructions on the back of the kraft paper pouch, the face of the packaging features the sky blue logo



Tidal Bay

California dreamin’. This lovely white wine is intended to make you long for the California coast, but is actually produced and sold in Canada. Designed by Chad Michael Studio, drinking of Tidal Bay may get you dreaming of far away places.

“Tidal Bay is a light, refreshing wine that is sold during the months of summer in Nova Scotia. The label encompasses a beach-like vibe that brings a little ‘California’ into the Canadian wine market.”



Karolines Køkken

Move over, Betty Crocker. Karolines Køkken, or Karoline’s Kitchen in English, is a brand that’s been around for decades in Denmark. After over fifty years in business, IDna Grouprevived the cookbook and foods company with a completely new identity.

“Karolines Køkken is an Arla brand with a remarkable history. The brand originally started out as an actual kitchen in 1962, when the Danish Dairy Board asked two Home Economics teachers to test a number of recipes for a new cookbook. These recipes became the first in the rapidly growing and immensely popular series of cookbooks, loose-leaf recipes, and products."




CÎROC vodka is a relatively new player within the vodka market. It stands alone as the world’s first and only vodka made exclusively from French grapes. I’ve always known of CÎROC as associated with their brand ambassador Sean “Diddy” Combs. However, their limited edition CÎROC X packaging design just might eclipse the star who has been helping make a name for the spirit. 



Starbucks Anniversary Blend

For this year's Anniversary Blend, Starbucks wanted to show the true artistry and complexity of the coffee. The siren was redrawn and given a bolder look, a little more modern but keeping the classic essence of the original. To represent the handcrafted nature of the blend and the boldness of the flavor, the illustration used a hand-drawn illustration, texture, bright watercolors and intricate detail.




Ekberg is a cornerstone in the Finnish café and confectionery culture. With a history dating back to 1852, Ekberg is the oldest bakery in Finland and a fifth-generation family-owned company. Today Ekberg serves its customers as a cafeteria, bakery and confectioner. We were assigned to do an updated brand strategy, visual identity and packaging concept for this classic, almost ennobled family business.


Elizabeth FreemanROY G. BIV