Stoke Beer

Gold and black are colours quintessentially associated with premium and superior quality. However, these are not often used in the craft beer market - a category usually associated with bright and colourful designs.

McCashin’s Brewery, makers of Stoke Beer, really wanted to stand out in the marketplace and communicate their brand vision: being the leader in the ‘premium craft brewing’. To achieve this, they looked to Plato Creative to reinvigorate the brand, with fresh packaging across the range.

The new brand identity has a premium look and feel with black, gold foil and imagery applied extensively across the packaging design including bottle labels, baskets, 12-packs and shippers. Commenting on the design, the studio says “It has been designed to tell the story and demonstrate the authenticity of the brand. The content and imagery used across the packaging features the brewery in Nelson. “

The clever move positions Stoke as a premium craft beer and create a successful shelf standout. A golden design!


Designed by Plato Creative 

Client: McCashin’s Brewery

Country: New Zealan