EXTENDED! LAST CHANCE to register for CWWWR Awards!

We've extended our late registration just a few more days! This is our last extended deadline, don't miss this chance to register for the first ever Concepts We Wish Were Real Awards.

Late Registration will end Friday. Take advantage of this last chance to register before it's too late!

We have partnered with our friends at LiveSurface to enable you to visualize your concepts and CWWWR Entries with LiveSurface Context, for free. Context allows designers to see their design ideas in the real world, with a click.

Context is a ground-breaking software application for the Mac that allows designers to see their concepts in real-world environments while they design. Context links with Adobe Illustrator to allow designers to see their design ideas in real-world settings, without leaving Illustrator.

Created by designer and Apple packaging design alum Joshua Distler, LiveSurface Context is an industry standard library of professionally photographed and retouched high-resolution, layered images with embedded 3D surfaces. With built-in foil and ink rendering, and a library of more than 550 surfaces, Context is the go-to visualization and presentation tool for international agencies, students and independent designers.

1. Download LiveSurface Context

2. Follow these simple steps to Activate Context with promo code: b81c26ca-9096-4352-b9cc-fb48f5a4855b for access to our exclusive CWWWR collection of packaging surfaces, which you can use for free during the duration of the CWWWR Awards.  

3. Render away! Use Context for your existing concepts, or get creative and create something new!