Yellow produces a warming effect, arouses cheerfulness, stimulates mental activity, and generates an overall good vibe. This week we take a look at 7 packaging projects that draw inspiration from the color yellow to create stunning designs.

Candelaria - Cerveza Artesanal

Here's a perfect way to cool off on a hot summer day. Grab yourself a Cerveza, specifically a Candelaria Cerveza, and let the fizzy drink transport your taste buds to another dimension. Packaged by Daniel Fortiz, standard beer bottles are dressed in creme white labels with a women serving up a pint of beer. The illustration is overlapped with a script font giving the brand quality appeal.




What makes Stranger & Stranger unique is their ability to tell stories with their elaborate packaging designs and Craigellachie is no exception. Highly detailed, with layers upon layers of type and illustrations, Stranger & Stranger creates a masterpiece on a bottle. A play with embossing and debossing gives the label not only dimension but texture. If you are lucky enough to be gifted this scotch whiskey, treasure every last drop. 



State Street Honey

Jess Glebe Design was hired to design an identity and package for State Street Honey in the Spring of 2015. Never treated with chemical medications and drawing 100% from their own honeycomb, State Street Honey bees create the purest honey possible. State Street Honey is only minimally filtered, but never heated, and is packed with all the beneficial enzymes and pollen that the majority of store-bought honey lacks. 

Simply put, it's honest, locally sourced honey.




APRENDIZ is full of mystery. This mezcal piques curiosity and will instantly get consumers interested in trying the spirit. Mexico-based TORO PINTO developed the story behind the brand, which translates directly into its packaging and web presence.




Every kitchen should have a premium bottle of olive oil; it’s just one of those things that doesn’t seem like it would make a difference, but it truly does. Ilípula olive oil comes from a family farm in Pedrera, a town in the southern highlands of Seville. Derived from the Hojiblanca olive and milled during the first fall harvest on November 20th, 2014, the oil is balanced in nuances. For the bottle, Buenos días wanted to create something that would reflect these unique qualities and place Ilípula as a premium, one-of-a-kind choice.



Valio Cheese Collection

This new look for Valio Cheese Collection gives the brand a new and more personal touch. The redesigned packaging features cutouts for each type of cheese, like Edam and Swiss, allowing buyers to see the product inside. Doodles and text created in a hand-drawn style cover the brown packaging, making the brand a “local farm” look.




“Manousakis Winery releases Tsikoudia, a distillate made from the marc of their Roussanne grapes…and only drunk by the mighty!” This crystal clear liquid in an old-fashioned amber bottle is a spirit that certainly looks to be a hearty one. Marios Karystios designed the packaging, giving Tsikoudia a bit of a puzzling, secretive appearance.