Concepts We Wish Were Real

What's new in the concept packaging world? Check out this weeks Concepts We Wish Were Real to find out. 



Sweet as honey. The branding and packaging for Alben&Delish® is delightfully bold. Designed by Maximiliano Passarelli, these honey varieties are each recognizable in their own way. Alben&Delish® offers four types of honey. Zambia Strong, Alben Forest, and Meet Mosa each have a coordinating color that gives it a bit of personality against the crisp white label. Black Delish veers off a bit from the other flavors in a black and white label that feel equally luxurious and mysterious. Despite the differences, the bottle shape, font, and Alben&Delish® logo unify them. A sans serif font and lack of graphics (save for the logo) makes the brand appear modern and new. Square bottles make them convenient to ship, and are especially good for those who want to purchase more than one container. 

Designed by Maximiliano Passarelli

Country: Argentina

City: Buenos Aires




Futura’s latest work is a concept store and more that’s quite unlike anything else out there. In creating the branding and packaging, they pulled from some fun inspiration and added in a bit of fancy to make something unique and versatile. 

“Artefactory is a concept store that offers a selection of design products from different brands that have in common the fact that they all solve usual problems in a very inventive way. At the same time, it has a little restaurant inspired by a soda fountain. The general concept is based on being an industrial factory + toy shop, with a little bit of fiction.”

Artefactory immediately seems like something fresh and new with a striking magenta hue that plays well against black. White and a pastel pink soften it a bit and tie in the wide variety of offerings Artefactory has — coffee, food, mugs, and more. The recognizable dog, Laika, inspires a sense of playfulness into the every day, and the specially-designed typography feels creative and youthful. “Our graphic solution was inspired on that fantasy. We designed an emblem based on a character that seems to be taken from the imagination of a little boy but it’s real, Laika, the Russian dog that was the first animal to orbit the Earth. We also designed a special typography for the project with a very experimental technic, seeking to reflect the artistic aspect of this place.”

Designed by: Futura

Country: Mexico

City: Mexico City


Suki Adventure Juice


There’s not a five year-old around that wouldn’t go crazy for these cute juice bottles. Suki Adventure Juice sparks children’s imaginations, with the juice they’re drinking pictured as the ocean itself. Paloma Martinsdesigned this concept with a fun font and simple, geometric designs. Suki is immediately appealing to kids of all ages and allows them to dream up the adventure.

Suki Adventure Juice comes in three flavors, and the design is consistent on each three bottles. This helps indecisive youngsters choose their beverage based on which one they truly want to drink and less on varying designs. Bright colors make the product stand out and give it a playful, youthful edge. The illustration of the man waving as he steers the ship is inviting, but also leaves an open-ended story for the imaginations of young ones to play with.

Designed by: Paloma Martins

Country: Brazil

City: Porto Alegre




This packaging for miyu’s products is so soft and delicate! The small shop in China sells homemade Honey-Fruit Tea, which is rumored to make skin smoother with each cup. Tom Jueris created this concept that has a subdued beauty, perfect for those looking for natural solutions to their problems. miyu’s color palette is simple and light. Oranges, yellows, and blacks remind buyers of busy bees, which is fitting for a honey-based product. The packaging utilizes plenty of open space, giving it a serene and relaxed appearance. Text is small and written in a serif font which feels traditional and pure, just like the product’s ingredients.

“It was to create an outstanding combination between modern art and a organic natural look. The aspect was to create a mix between 2 styles which actually kind of reject each other. After a hard work of sketching and researching I came to the final conclusion: ‘A design is not only what we see but more of what we feel and touch.’ This was the leading sentence I gave myself. So I've decided to go all natural and organic with label and box however new, modern and fresh with the actual bottle, as to keep everything simple and clean. Only use what I have to and not more. The contrast between colour and text was what I concentrated the most on. In the end I came to use an actual cosmetic packaging redesigned into a organic look with a slight touch of modernism.”

Designed by: Tom Jueris

Country: United Kingdom


Molson Canadian Heritage Collection


What would you consider quintessentially Canadian? Whether it’s maple syrup or winter sports, there’s a chance something slightly cliched pops into your head. Miranda Sivilay decided to use this to her advantage when creating the concept for Moison Canadian Heritage Collection, a line of beer to celebrate Canadian heritage.

“I've been a proud Canadian my whole life growing up in small town Hamilton. As a beer lover, I thought I share my personal design work for Molson Canadian bottles. The idea is simple: 6 iconic motifs playing on the cliches of what makes a Canadian.“The motifs are hand-drawn in black ink, and dynamically offset within the label. The Molson logo remains familiar. In addition to the set, there is a 7th bottle label that is a compilation of all the motifs as a collector edition. The purpose for the designs is to remind us of Canadian heritage while personifying the beer. This enables storytelling, to give communities something to share, and to feel connected with the friend who created it or the artist next door.”

The realistic drawings give a bit of humanity to something that someone might not actually give much thought to. It actually reminds buyers that the cliches about Canadians are there for a reason — they’re some of the best hockey players around, for example. Sivilay’s description of each drawing don’t take the illustrations too seriously but still allow for consumers to learn a little bit about our neighbors up north. The bottles give a bit of the Canadian experience to beer lovers and collectors alike.

Designed by: Miranda Sivilay

Country: Canada

City: Toronto, Ontario


Hygge Beauty Infusions


HYGGE Body Infusions is a brand/packaging concept for a hypothetical bath products brand. Conceptualized by Sapphire Creative Designs, soaps, shampoos and body wash are designed with a minimalist aesthetic. The sans serif type is thin and airy with a diagonal line that cuts through each bottle exposing the substance contained inside. Neutral colors were implemented to give a refreshing appeal to the brand.

Designed by: Sapphire Creative Designs

Country: United States