Student: Pirate Food & Drink

Let's sail the seven seas with plenty of Pirate Food  & Drink designed by Marko Danilović. This line created for a younger audience takes all the elements of what makes being a pirate cool into an entirely consumable experience. With treasure maps, peg-leg water bottles and skyglasses used to see if any enemy is approaching, the concept is all about making healthy food exciting and desirable.

"Nutrition is one of the most important factors for survival of every living thing on this planet. But the last few decades the origin of the food product and its way of production and packaging to the plate can be brought into question. Sometimes the quality, quantity and today has led to a general eating disorders society. a large food manufacturers with warm colors or how would it simpler called " yellow " colors are thriving in the market thanks to a visually appealing package and ad campaign and well nalakiranog 'edible' products that everyone gladly possessed in his stomach."  

"Pirate food is designed as a product that does not keep a strict policy of price and quality , but the quality and attractiveness, range of products is many, and depending on the complexity of the process of production of a certain product form and price . Pirate food is producing healthy food, but it represents a completely different way.Why Pirate food? We have learned the many examples campaign that consumer psychology is such that it always attracts something unknown, something you do not see every day in their environment, and that is what it is curious.

Pirate historically not a positive character , and in a context that is used in these products and the way it is visually presented through illustrations life pirates or pirate " trip around the world " ( which alludes to the diversity and wide range of products ) as the slogan says (From Arrrrround the World) , he makes connections with customers in style antihero."

"Attractiveness I have previously mentioned that in addition to the product name and the story that it carries with it just applies to the part of the design and ad campaigns of a given product , that the non-standard way of attracting consumers , as they do the campaign and producers of " yellow " food , but they instead of food of dubious origin offering healthy products , in order to improve food companies and consumers getting used to the non-standard package of health food products , which are in most cases visually sterile , so that the consumer entered the safety and less frustration during the selection of food products to combat orthorexia (obsession with healthy diet), recent illness of modern society .

The theme is very wide and full of details that can be used in the entire visual identity. The point of the campaign is to get healthy food products are displayed in a different way and thereby closer to people who otherwise never such a thing would not be tried nor anyone purchased. It just means the quality and attractiveness, and this project just wanted to merge and correct the unwritten rule of quality products in poor packaging and poor quality product in an attractive package."


Designed by Marko Danilović

Country: Serbia