Concepts We Wish Were Real

Hello, beautiful people! Let's kick off Superbowl weekend with our weekly concepts we wish were real. Which concept would you like to see brought to life? 

Re:form Water


"In recent years, fresh water shortage has become an increasing threath now also in the western world. In 2004, Singapore started an initiative called NEWater, wich transforms sewage water into perfectly clean drinkable bottled water. Similar efforts are also in progress in the US, but has faced problems being accepted by the public. 

WithRe:form, I tried to envision how effluent drinking water could be packaged in a more interesting, practical and sustainable way. The structure is made of 100% recyclable greyboard and the shape of the container is a half octagon, which allows for more space efficient transporation compared to round bottles. It also gives full control over how the bottle is carried for stronger brand impact."

Designed by Erik Berger Vaage

Country/City: United States, San Francisco

Burton Antidote Skincare


John Parise creates a skincare line that uses neutral colors to target a younger male demographic. Bottles are structured to fit comfortably in your hand displaying infographics as symbolic references to when a product should be used, its scent or for what's its purpose is. "Hand sketched type, bold graphics, earthy colors, and natural textures were combined to create a brand extension that represents Burton’s tradition of function, quality, and style."

Designed by John Parise

Country/City: United States, San Francisco

Riesling Limited Edition Wine


The feeling of opening a bottle of wine that you know. is one of 100 bottles in existance. Inspired by art prints, Riesling is minimal in design bringing attention to the fraction displayed at the bottom of the label. Twisted casually in a paper bag, the collector's item appeal is dominant with this wine. "Riesling Limited edition wine is made from small winery from Novi Sad and it is produced in only 100 bottles. Each bottle is numbered so the person who gets the higher number is the lucky one. The packaging is used for self-promotion during winter holidays."

Designed by Tijana Golubovic

Country/ City: Serbia, Belgrade



This honey packaging designed by Martin Lind has a special charm to it Created specifically for a father and son duo who produce the sweet, sticky substance in limited batches on a desolate island in the Stockholm archipelago, the packaging is nostalgic reminiscent of grandma's homemade products stored in glass jars. 

"Micromanaging bee's as they call it."

Designed by Martin Lind

Country/ City: Sweden, Stockholm

Ahoy Brewery


Ship Ahoy!

"Packaging and brand design for a non-existing brand of a micro brewery at the west coast of Sweden. Ahoy Brewery has started out with three different kinds of beer. Lager beer with a malty flavour with hints of dark rye bread, dried fruit, dark syrup and toffee, Brown ale with a malty flavour with hints of bitter orange and caramel and Sweet stout with a malty flavour with hints of dark chocolate and coffee.

I tried to capture the darkness of the story behind the brewery but still get it more interesting and uplifting by using light pastel colours. The design is targeting young adults who knows design and haven't had an eye for dark beer earlier."

Designed by Rasmus Erixon

Country: Sweden

Exotic Snacks Kids


"A fictional school project where the task was to develop a new concept and identity for a new target group for Exotic Snacks natural sweets. The new target group is children. I have chosen to develop tablet cases for the dried fruit bits. This is a child-friendly packaging for kids and easier way for parents on the go."

Designed by Max Molitor

Country: Sweden



"I did this project for packaging design class in Vilnius College of Design. Task was to create package for multiple products. I chose beer because i wanted to create something stylish and old fashioned. Package was made over the weekend in my garage where I acquired all the needed equipment. Construction of this package is really simple it cosists of three peaces of plywood and a long screw. In the end, all i needed to do is to create labels and put them on old beer bottles."

Designed by Karolis Stalnionis 

Country: Lithuania

Dilli Cookies


"Dillii with the motto “Dillicious&Dillirious” is a project I did during my graduation in ESAD Caldas da Rainha Portugal, I had to make the packaging and branding identity for a fictional organic cookies brand, the brief wasn’t that restrictive so I tried to have the most fun with it, since I have a special love for illustration I made it very visual but at the same time with the concerned in conciliating the interact part with the illustrations, so I ended up making it in a way that when opened the illustrations change in a delirious way, showing new narratives and the sensations in tasting the cookies (ice cream man melting for hot spicy cookies, and astronaut space fresh for the mint cookies) making it fun to interact, just like opening a wrapped gift releasing all the surprise and joy in somebody's smile."

Designed by Rubro Del Rubro

Country: Portugal