True South Puzzle Co.

Anderson Design Group takes the nostalgic game of Jigsaw puzzle and flips it on its head. A cardboard box is created to house 500 pieces and displays poster graphics framed by an informational guide. Finally, a distressed look is given to the box to resemble old vinyl record sleeves while the back reveals "About the Artist."

"How do you design a puzzle box so that it looks different from all the other puzzle products out there? You go Southern and artisanal with the whole thing. 
The branding concept behind True South Puzzle Co. is to create puzzles that support the arts and give back to the community. They do this by producing puzzles that feature art from Southern designers and illustrators. The Anderson Design Group used colors, hand-lettering and an overall vintage approach to help bring that vision to life."


Designed by Anderson Design Group

Client: True South Puzzle Co.

Country: United States

Creative Director: Joel Anderson 

Designers: Ligia Teodosiu & Ryan Bosse