Fogo do Chão

A wine that is one fire, but literally on fire! The design is inspired by high temperatures that you can see right on the label. The overall design is such a beautifully crafted and intriguing label that balances out the clean aesthetic with just the right fire.

The "Fogo do Chão" is a red and white wine produced in the demarcated region of the Douro in Portugal. The name "Fogo do Chão" refers to the color of the vines / grapes / terraces of the Douro, making allusion to the wine produced in those vineyards.

The concept comes when the product is associate to the name, from the idea of wine with high temperatures, whose label that embraces the bottle begins to be consumed by fire in the center of the "O". This burning image was done carefully after several attempts, and then edited to be part of the concept.

Client: Martha´s Group
Art Direction: Sérgio Gaspar
Photography: Miguel Matos