Boulangerie Paper Bags

What a magical morning it will be with a cup of brewed coffee from Boulangerie and the smell of freshly baked bread delivered straight to the mouths of consumers. Designed by Tough Slate Design, kraft paper bags hold the goods decorated with an elaborate braided pattern and illustrations. Beverages are poured into cups labeled in a variety of fun patterns that are changed seasonally. 

"The task was to create the cozy identity for cafe-bakery with fresh morning coffee. 3 different sets of Paper Bags and Cups were developed as they are seen to be used for different reasons and periods according to the brand strategy."


Designed by Tough Slate Design

Client: Julia Romashko

Country: Ukraine

City: Kyiv

Art Director, Designer: Dima Tsapko 

Producer: Valeria Zhigalyova