Before & After: ION- Chocolate Couvertures

What an amazing “before and after” mousegraphics  has given to the ION, chocolate couvertures line of chocolate bars. An already popular product with a faithful consumer base, the goal was to create a contemporary look that would both surprise consumers while also strengthening loyalty to the brand. 

“We opted for a design drastically different to the visually overcharged one that already existed: the packaging surface was cleared so that the basic product attributes could emerge in favor of the consumer. Zones of color were limited to surface edges so as to denote the 4 different chocolate types-flavors (classic, milk, dark cocoa and white chocolate).”

Gasoline created custom illustrations for this project, showing the 5 gr. couverture piece which is used in the cooking ritual for this type of chocolate. The illustration style is hand drawn with a sketchy quality, which adds a tactile design element to complement the otherwise clean aesthetic. The idea of custom illustration was also used to emphasize the importance of this ritual by drawing attention to the process itself. 

The typography used for the packaging was chosen for it’s clean lines and was intended to create an overall feeling of a neat kitchen diary, where notes are kept and valued. A continuity in the brand is found in the choice to use the same typeface for the “ION” name as was used in the original design. 

Another sharp design has emerged from the Greece-based mousegraphics team. I’m sure ION, chocolate couvertures will draw new attention to it’s already popular product.


Designed by mousegraphics

Country: Greece