Eastern Botanicals

Eastern Botanicals is a new brand of Herbal Supplements. 

The founder, Dr. Michelle Dao is a fourth generation Eastern herbal doctor, born in Vietnam and raised in the United States. 
The ultimate goal of Eastern Botanicals is to bring happiness and well-being to it's clients. Happiness, and vibrancy are brand pillars. With this in mind, it became important to make the fresh, lively herbs the focus of the visual identity. 

As Eastern Botanical's creative partner, Rice Creative began the journey by developing their brand and visual identity. Like their product, the Eastern Botanicals brand achieves a balance of Science and tradition. When it came to illustrating EB's gorgeous roster of natural herbs, their aim was to bring forward the unique personalities inherent in both the living plant, and its medicinal attributes. They sought to make the botanicals characters that the audience would come to recognize.

The initial intention of using a standard scientific botanical illustration style quickly, evolved into something all the more own-able for the brand, and lovable for the shopper. Rice Creative was able to call upon the talents of illustrator, Brendan Wenzel, to bring extra life to a range of 10 herbs. Brendan's unique process is typically reserved for illustrating endangered species for conservation purposes as well as his own children's books. In the Eastern Botanicals case, Brendan's style brought huge personality and vibrancy.


Designed by Rice Creative

Country: Vietnam