Late Milk

Late Milk is a project created from a group of young entrepreneurs who wanted to create a brand where products could be delivered 100% of the profits would go to vulnerable people in Chile. 

Their first product was “Late Water”. To launch their second product they called Grupo Oxigeno to design the line of milks products. The target was young people, mostly women, a little hipster. So we designed a modern product with a little sense of humor and a fully differentiated language from the competition. Each phrase placed on the main face of the box expressed, in a “Chilean language”, a statement that invites the buyer to feel part of this solidarity movement: 

"Soy entera buena ("I'm all good") for the full cream version, means in “Chilean words” something like “I am so good looking”... 

Soy buena leche ("I'm good milk") for the low-fat, means in “Chilean words” that
“I am a good person”. 

cero rollos ("I`m zero rolls") for non-fat version, but also “in a chilean way” has a doble meaning: “I dont have love handles” and too means “I dont have any problems”.

Designed by: Grupo | Oxigeno
Juan Figueras, art director 
JL Bayer, creative director