Aarhus Malt

Designed for the serious Whisky connoisseur. The-Pony designed Aarhus Malt a limited edition whiskey with only 60 bottles produced. The label had to focus on simplicity but honor the special and limited whiskey inside. The result is a beautiful design with small and impactful details throughout the label design.


Mahlers Vinhandel is an old wine store who in 2013 introduced their first single malt whisky, produced in a limited numbered edition of 60. The whisky, Aarhus Malt, was targeted the whisky connoisseur who only focuses on the content. Therefore, I designed a simple reversed label that unselfishly honors the content instead of the design. 

This design was nominated for a Creative Circle Award 2014

Designed by: The Pony 
Country: Denmark
Photography: Allan Trolle