Viktoria Minya: Eau de Hongrie and Hedonist line's new perfumes

Award winning, Hungarian perfumer Viktoria Minya acquired the art of fragrance formulation in the cradle of modern perfumery, the picturesque French city of Grasse.
After working for various perfume houses in the region, she decided to embrace her own talents and founded her own company, for which she uses the finest quality ingredients and original creation techniques.

The packaging of her debut fragrance, Hedonist, was developed by designer and visual artist kissmiklos who borrowed elements of the luxury world and presented the three fragrances of the range in sophisticated jewellery cases. 

“We would have loved if a woman doesn’t get just a perfume but she can wear this like a jewellery and the perfume will be one of the jewels of her rooms.Like a valuable ring or necklace. All perfumes from the line are presented within beautifully crafted bottles filled with hundreds of genuine Bohemian crystals that sparkle brilliantly. The bottles are enclosed within a handmade wooden box, fashioned to capture the sleek look and feel of snakeskin leather” says the designer."

A similar premium approach was reserved for Eau De Hongrie. The perfumer discovered the legend of Eau de la Reine de Hongrie (The Queen Hungary’s Water), the first modern perfume referenced ever. 
“According to the legend, the perfume gave back youth and beauty to the ageing Elisabeth, hence the Polish king fell in love and married her. 
the 1300's the juice smelled mostly of rosemary tincture, so Viktoria Minya needed to choose carefully the essence of the revisited famous scent in order to reflect the modern context.”

The packaging for this perfume is inspired by Hungary’s wine specialty, the Tokaji Aszú (Tokaji Essence) which not only tastes good but has proven medical benefits. Eau de Hongrie is presented within a finely designed bottle, an ode to the Tokaji wines, and is enclosed in a handmade wooden box recalling Viktoria Minya's signature packaging.


Designed by kissmiklos

Country: Hungary

City: Budapest