Home by Nature


Savor a piece of Greece with Sophia Georgopoulou | Design's Home by Nature. A black box gift set that features 2 glass bottles of extra virgin olive oil, and olive spreads sandwiched between. The containers include the brand's logo screen printed onto the surface, inspired by a fingerprint A line spirals down into a small house, representing the homemade quality of the product. 

"The brief was to create a brand identity for a series of olive oils and other olive based products with the potential to expand to other goods in the future, beyond the food industry. The target audience is Greek and foreign "health conscious" costumers, people who value quality in their everyday life."

"Taking into consideration the brand name “HOME”, the company's name "HOME by nature", the tagline “Worth Sharing” as well as the brand philosophy, a hand crafted logo was created that symbolizes the path leading to home. The logo's outline projects an olive oil drop which is the symbol of nurturing and purity since the product is an extra virgin olive oil which contains some of the basic ingredients of any health boosting diet."

The packaging keeps the aesthetics of clean lines projecting the purity of the product. The Home Supreme bottle is cubical reflecting the outline of a traditional Greek house. Therefore, opening the bottle, one shares his home with the ones close to his heart.

"The color palette is inspired by the actual olive leaves, the olive fields and in general the greek landscape, bringing out the notion of a country-side homeland. The fonts were "treated" in a way to enhance the feeling of handmade good since the "Home by Nature" entire business is a family business with a long tradition in olive oil production."

Designed by Sophia Georgopoulou | Design

Country: Greece

City: Athens

Photographer: Math Studio