Blossa Annual


Blossa Annual, designed by Scandinavian Design Group, is a limited edition of mulled wine. The spiced beverage is poured into a purple ceramic bottle, corked with dark wood. The glossy surface gets special treatment with a wave pattern flowing in and out of the number "14." Finally, a french lily is branded on the top representing the beverage's origin. 

"Mulled wine, or Glögg, is a beverage usually made with red wine along with various mulling spices and raisins. It is a traditional drink during winter, especially around Swedish Christmas celebrations. Each Blossa bottle is inspired by a new traveling destination. In 2014, Blossa decided their inspiration would come from Provence in southern France."

”In 2014, 
Blossa went to Provence to find inspiration among sun dried flowers and catch the taste of billowing lavender fields. The coordinates for this year’s bottle take us to the picturesque village of Digne les Bains – the capital of the lavender trade. The flowers and fields in this area inspired the stylized violet pattern on the bottle as well as the traditional, French lily on the cork.”


Designed by Scandinavian Design Group

Client: Blossa

Country: Sweden

City: Stockholm

Creative Director: Nils Jensen 

Designers: Henrik Walse, Mats Lekberg