SunRice Health & Wellbeing

Boxer & Co. design agency produced earthy, rustic packaging to reflect the natural aspect of SunRice's new food line. 



SunRice, an Australian rice company with 30 different product brands in 60 countries, needed an aesthetic that would compliment the product's Health & Wellbeing product line, so the challenge was to introduce a collection of products with clear functional benefits.

"The design solution needed to come from a very natural positioning and re-enforce the ‘from the earth’ nature of the product. A health store inspired paper-look bag texture was used to form a base for various handwritten-style fonts and a vegetable-inspired color palette was created. The benefits of each rice, such as antioxidants, dietary fiber and sustained energy release were given a particularly high communication ranking in line with the product’s positioning." - Boxer & Co.  

Agency: Boxer & Co. 

City: Sydney 

Country: Australia