Patagonia Salmon

TDA Boulder used minimalism to its advantage when creating Patagonia Provisions' line of smoked salmon products. A vividly realistic image of salmon, in its full form, floats atop a sea of white. The white provides a perfect backdrop against the dimensional and textured form, giving a brightening effect that can be noticed from afar. The color blue is pulled from the fish and used on the right hand side label tying the whole design together. 

Patagonia Provisions is a line of food directly linked to its source, seeking to create a sustainable form of nourishment. In order to communicate this unique initiative, we created a design that speaks directly to the source of the product by featuring wild sockeye salmon as the hero of the packaging. The back of the pouch tells the story of the product along with visual icons that accompany preparation instructions.

Designed by TDA Boulder 

Client: Patagonia Provisions

Country: United States

State: Colorado