Concept: Pinar Milk & Juice

Designer Bora Yildirim created a re-usable design concept for Turkish food and dairy retailer Pinar.



 Yildirim focused on creating a concept that would appeal to children and parents by incorporating re-use principles and modern aesthetics that would set Pinar's milk and juice beverages apart from its competitors. 

"In addition to encouraging children to drink milk to help their physical development, this project aims to improve their creative imagination with the product’s functionality as a toy. 
The different forms and colors aim to re-vamp the product package [setting it apart from] existing and traditional milk package designs. This innovative approach will ensure the product [is] noticed by consumers. The toy functionality of the product will help develop and raise awareness of re-use among [children] starting at young ages, and contribute to realizing the company's social responsibilities." - Bora Yildirim

Designer: Bora Yildirim 

City: Ankara

Country: Turkey