Apothecary Soap

Apothecary Soap, designed by The 6th, is a whimsical book of smells. Each block of scented soaps are wrapped in a miniature book cover and secured with an elastic black strap. The hardbound is nature-filled with an illustrated wallpaper of animals and plants and finally topped with a contrasting black circle/rectangle label. 

Apothecary is a brand of beauty products 100% organic.
The main products are soaps, all top quality with italian ingredients only.
We created a logo and a sophisticated packaging for 12 soaps (split on 3 lines: Women, Men and Top). The packaging has the shape of a small book, with hard cover and a string to lock it.


Designed by The 6th

Client: Apothecary

Country: Italy

City: Milan

Creative Directors: Elena Carella & Emanuele Basso 

Illustrations: Lara Piccirillo