Gorky Park Ice-cream

Gorky Park Ice-creams by designer Anastasia Genkina are all dressed up for Russian summer days. The treats, which include soft-serve vanilla dipped chocolate pops and vanilla ice-cream cones, are wrapped in eye popping paper patterns and metallic surfaces. These frozen treats are named after Moscow park which is  host to many attractions including an amusement park. The park gets its name from Maxim Gorky, famous Russian writer, political activist and founder of Socialist Realism. 

This ice-cream has been a treat inseparable from a walk in the Moscow Gorky Park for decades. It`s special taste of creamy vanilla and waffle cone became a memory of childhood for several generations, and it has remained true to the old fashioned recipe. The aim to connect the historical value with modern recognition through design was achieved by developing patterns, inspired by key symbols of the Park`s life. Each pattern corresponds with one of the six flavors.

Designed by Anastasia Genkina

Country: Russia

City: Moscow

Art direction: Michail Gannushkin

Photography: Grigory Sobchenko   

Scenery/retouching: Anastasia Genkina