Concepts We Wish Were Real

The first week back to school and work after a great summer. Today's collections of concepts we wish were real are student-heavy, which showcases some of the emerging talent creating amusing and creative projects! 




"VZHIK (which is Russian for a mosquito's sound) is for positive people, brand for the whole family. Enjoy your active lifestyle and don't be afraid of insects, they will not bite you! The basic idea and visualization are based on the concept of the peacfull behavior to the insects. We don't kill them, we just warn them. We're saying to insects — we live in the same world but we are not food for you. And insects pay us back saying OK with a slogan I'll leave you alone for 3 hours (on the package). Character of insects was created in a positive and emotional way. Insects are cute to us, but we can see they are a little bit upset because of the protection «VZHIK» stopping them.

Agency: Redindesign
Country: Russia



Tagarela is a concept and character for kids and their listening needs.  The headphones are imbedded within the packaging and represent the character's eyes. I highly doubt any child today can understand the reference to cassette tapes, but this design is fun and cute!

AgencyHavas Design 
Designer: Catarina Paulo 
Country: Portugal 



The designers produced a brand identifier and promise for several product lines (store brand and private label) to be sold at Trader Joe's. Bazaar is part of a group project that began with researching product lines best suited for the retailer, then designing new logos and concepts to best sell the products. 

"For Bazaar, we wanted to offer foods that you don't find in regular grocery stores and would appeal to the Trader Joe's demographic. We highlighted four different countries and packaged some of the common items found in each of those countries. We wanted the patterns and materials to reflect that exotic feel. The elephant changes to represent each country and it used is several different ways throughout the line. It is wood carved, silkscreen, or stamped." - Megan Myers

Design by Megan Myers, Melissa Gamo, Taylor Marvin and Katie Mullins 
School: Academy of Art        
Country: U.S.A.

Nest Eggs


Student designers Marcus Mrazeck, Ehrick Haight, Edward Couvillion and Richard Zarnouch decided to dab at the idea of recreating the iconic egg carton. The design proved successful winning 2nd place at the nationwide “48 Hr. Repack” competition. Four eggs are packaged in a cardboard box and fitted with a sheet tray, allowing the little ovals to peek through as they sit aloft a “bed of hay”. The container is surrounded with graphic typography pegged for a more youthful audience.

"Our package was designed to display the eggs so the consumer can quickly identify if the eggs are broken without opening the package. The eggs are nested and float between two insert flaps with egg-shaped cutouts. The bottom of the package contains a diecut window to view the eggs and allow the consumer to further inspect the eggs for cracks. Despite the exposed design, the eggs are well protected. The side walls of the package extend above the eggs to provide stable stacking and to prevent crushing of the top and bottom of the eggs. The package is made from one dieline which makes it feasible to manufacture commercially." 

Designed by Edward Couvillion, Ehrick Haight, Marcus Mrazeck & Richard Zarnoch
School: Clemson University
Country: U.S.A.



"The goal is to transform a classical chocolate box in a design object. More than a chocolate box to eat, it can be a decorative object for Christmas period. This system gives a second life to the packaging. With three models, including instructions, you need only scissors and some flodings (no glue) to do your tree. Only one printing in the same color than the packaging needs to realize this box. This packaging exists in three colors, red, green, black, Christmas tones."

Design by Charline Baubeau
Country: France 

Grounds Co.


"Grounds Co. is a coffee kit that promotes green living and gives the buyer a richer experience. You are equipped with a hand made cedar box, 12oz of coffee beans, biodegradable coffee filters, a moleskin journal, 1oz steal coffee scoop, and a 12 count of seeds from origin of coffee beans. The end result is a wood window planter and a delicious cup of coffee."

Design by Jerry Garner 
Country: U.S.A.

Old Man & the Sea Book Cover


A very fun way to read a true classic. John Steinbeck's Old Man & the Sea gets packaged unlike most other books we've come across. 

Design by Nina Marie Cornelison 
Country: U.S.A.