Mirco Luzzi gives a whole new meaning to playing with your food with Insal'arte's fresh salad packaging. To encourage consumers to eat their veggies, bags are labeled with graphic elements of arranged eatables that form the alphabet. 

"The aim of OrtoRomi with InsalArte is to give the company an identity of excellence by gathering the best of its production in terms of control, selection and warranty. We decided to pursue this aim by simply showing the product, removing all of the usual phrases that are used to describe the product inside of it and foregrounding the product itself. The consumer’s reaction was positive, as this packaging was perceived refined, fun and friendly thanks to the letter."


The creation of the letter sculptures proved difficult due to the physiological deterioration of fresh vegetables during staging. Also finding an ideal structure to support itself while making it appear weightless and of high quality was a bit of a challenge. Finally, in order to get the desired soft effect with the white gradient, rotogravure printing machines were used. 


Designed by Mirco Luzzi

Client: Ortoromi

Country: Italy