Spotlight: Glasfurd & Walker

Glasfurd & Walker is a Vancouver based design company that offers cross-disciplinary, conceptual services, innovative brand communication and design solutions. They offer creative consultancy services to assist clients with brand development, stewardship and business development applied to identity and brand design, art direction and design for print and online communication, signage & installation, exhibition design and packaging.

Our goal is simple: empower clients with relevant, innovative, high quality work that helps their business flourish.
— Glasfurd & Walker

Rain or Shine

Rain or Shine Ice Cream is a Vancouver based shop that makes hand-made, small batch ice cream. Glasfurd & Walker was responsible for creating the brand and all associated touch points – packaging, stationery, signage, website, photography art direction and styling and digital promotional collateral.

Fernwood Coffee

Glasfurd & Walker created brand and package design for Fernwood Coffee Company that reflects the same philosophy that is used when sourcing the right product for their stores. The brand design is as simple and bold as a standard shot of espresso (both of which, are more complex than they look). Like the crafted menu where the espresso beverages are designed to be simple and elegant with the coffee being the star - the package and labels design for each coffee bag highlights the most important information about the coffee, its origin, cup profile, roasting process, and date created.

Ethical Soda 

Ethical Soda is a Vancouver based kombucha brewery. Brewed and bottled in north Vancouver using best quality teas the packaging reflects and modern, fresh approach to Kombucha, a move away from the hippy, organic approach that is so often taken.

Meat & Bread

Glasfurd and Walker was approached by Meat & Bread to create a strong, masculine identity and brand design which communicates the restaurant’s simple and uncomplicated offer. Applied to stationery, signage, packaging and web.

Pizzeria Farina

The concept behind the restaurant was a simple one - do one thing really well. The client's aim was to create a simple, community-focused, Northern Italian-inspired pizzeria. The menu is simple, consisting only of pizza and beverages, and the atmosphere is stylish, casual and comfortable.  As part of the design, italian phrases that reflect the ethos of the restaurant are printed largely on stationery and packaging. Packaging was designed for the house made artisan Italian products: house-made raw tomato sauce, house-made Chili-Infused and Oregano-Infused Olive Oil.

The Juice Truck 

The Juice Truck is Vancouver’s premier Cold-Pressed Juice company.  Glasfurd & Walker have worked with the Juice Truck since the inception of the company in 2011 on all design and brand touch points from identity, packaging, marketing, web, the truck itself and most recently, their new shop. 

The studio handled all areas of the project creative development including overall interior design direction, art direction and curation of custom artwork, custom furniture, installation & wallpaper design, signage, website design & development and packaging for in house products.


Litchfield is more than a collection of things. The shop reflects founder Jonathon Litchfield’s family aesthetic for living. Litchfield’s revolving collection features pieces built with quality and craftsmanship. They want to share a family’s philosophy of how we live with their customers. Glasfurd & Walker were responsible for all of the brand, packaging and graphic design.

Beta 5

Beta 5 creates small batch, artisanal chocolates, confectionery, baked goods and preserves. Glasfurd & Walker created their identity and initial packaging range for their core and seasonal products. The name, Beta 5, comes from the form-5 beta crystal structure which is the most stable form of cocoa butter crystallization, formed through the controlled melting, and subsequent cooling (tempering) of liquid chocolate. As a result, the identity reflects this approach to the chocolate making process - a careful blend of science and craftsmanship.

The packaging design was a carefully considered and executed aspect of the brand development. Understated and refined, the packaging doesn't distract from beauty and vibrancy of the products inside them which are an exciting discovery.