Candy Kitchen Home Baking

James by the sea designed Candy Kitchen Home Baking for County Confectionery. The design objective was to encourage baking as an enjoyable family activity so the design had to appeal to both parent and child. The design showcases a fun polka dot pattern along with iconography classically associated with home baking. 

We used cardboard tubes for the packaging, that are easily re-sealable and have great shelf presence. Visual cues of home baking were used to emphasise the product’s use and reinforce the brand. This included the chef’s hat, rolling pin and the wooden spoon that forms the logo. We printed on the reverse of the board to to achieve a craft feel.

A tight colour palette was selected and interchanged to differentiate flavours and to keep a consistent look and feel across the range. The background polka dots add energy and fun but also act as a cultural reference.

Designed by: James By The Sea 
Produced for: County Confectionery