Badgerhound is a Zinfandel with lots of character!  From Sonoma County wineries, and inspired by guard dogs, this wine is a tribute to these precious pups' character. The design incorporates a unique Badgerhound with a newsboy cap and argyle print outfit guarding the precious barrels of wine. What a "Good Boy!"


The design concept was to create a statement on shelf as well as appeal to dog lovers everywhere. The design illustration of the pup is definitely what you see first, and considering the concept it achieved this by the detailed illustration. 

The illustration created by San Francisco artist Jeremy Fish, for Badgerhound Wine was loosely inspired by a scene from The Godfather II in which Michael Corleone is hiding in Sicily. You can see the outfit resemblance, especially with the newsboy cap. 

Designed by Brand Made Design Co.

Client: Badgerhound Wines

Country: United States

State: California

Illustrator: Jeremy Fish