Umami Monster vs. Mecha-Hop

For all you comic fans out there, check out this awesome set of beer labels. Designed by Flying Whities Ltd. for Garage Project, these malty bottles are ready for battle with Umami Monster vs. Mecha-Hop.  Who will claim victory? 

"Two extreme brewing techniques, two unusual beers launched as a set. One an aberration of nature gone wrong; organic kelp, bonito and sea water, titled Umami Monster, and the other an ultra-processed and industrial ale made with extracts and flavoring, titled Mecha-Hop. With these counterpoints, Garage Project commissioned me to create manga backstories, beer labels based on the designs of movie artist Greg Broadmore, and a whole range of promotional material including giant street posters, masks, t-shirts and limited edition screen-prints. An awesome job."


"Garage Project is a small brewery located in an old petrol station in Wellington, New Zealand. They like to push boundaries with their beers and labels, reinterpreting styles and challenging the notions of what beer can be."


Designed by Flying Whities Ltd.

Country: New Zealand

Label Design & Illustration: Tim Gibson

Original Monster Concept Art: Greg Broadmore

Photography: Michael Valli