Pukka Herbs

Pukka herbs re-launched their beautiful range of organic herbal teas with a fresh new look done by Bath-based The Space Creative. The launch follows a year-long project which included Pukka Herbs' brand and product portfolio of tea, herbal remedies and foods. 


"As part of the brand overhaul Pukka’s distinctive logo was given a makeover along with the creation of a master brand color palette and font. The Space is now helping Pukka craft their communications."

Sebastian Pole, owner of Pukka herbs claims that The Space has been instrumental in bringing about tangible change for the brand. “They've given us creative, design and commercial insight that has literally transformed our business. They have ‘packaged’ our ideas beautifully giving our whole brand integrity and cohesion. Our business has grown more than ten-fold. What more to say? The Space are great fun to work with!"  


Designed by The Space Creative

Country: United Kingdom

City: Bath