Organic Valley

Dairy brand Organic Valley partnered with branding agency Webb deVlam to establish new visual language with consumers and help take the company's products into the homes of more people.



Through extensive consumer research and in-home ethnographies, the agency distilled that new moms wanted a brand to trust, but were overwhelmed and confused by all the messaging happening in the organic dairy space. Research teams also visited farmers as part of Organic Valley's co-op to understand their vision, their mission and where they could strategically position themselves in the market with a brand identity refresh that extended across all of their product lines to give Organic Valley a strong at-shelf presence. 

The agency used new photography of Organic Valley's actual farmers and their families and also leveraged these to create a consistent horizon line across the image treatments on the packaging. Other visual cues like farmer signatures helped reference locally sourced dairy in specific markets. 

Better messaging hierarchy was created with visual cues (such as the milk fat percentages all being located in the same location across the packaging) to help consumers find the products they wanted faster. 

“We came to Webb deVlam with a monumental challenge for our brand. We needed to bring authenticity, honesty and superior quality to our line of multiple organic dairy categories. And those hundreds of SKUs and multiple categories had packages of different sizes and shapes and needed to resonate with our core consumers and be identified immediately as from Organic Valley. They did a tremendous job of taking our brand to a new level and we have already used them again for innovation work." - Lewis Goldstein, Executive Marketing Director, Organic Valley

Organic Valley's updated identity positions the brand as a trusted, local, organic and healthy dairy brand. 

Agency: Webb deVlam  

Creative Director: Dan Walter 

Video: Webb deVlam 

City: Chicago

Country: U.S.A.