Magasin Café

Stitch Design Co. worked with Magasin Café to create French-inspired bottles enhanced with the simplicity of Vietnamese aesthetics.



Working to build a brand for the cafe's line of cold brew iced coffee, fish and dumpling sauce varieties, Stitch Design incorporated the cultural roots of the cafe's New Orleans location with its mission to serve flavorful Vietnamese cuisine. 

Using simple, linear patterns and swirling logotypes, the agency chose a one-color design silk-screened on amber and clear glass bottles. 

"The dumpling sauce is based on a traditional fish sauce so we developed a simple pattern that is reminiscent of fish scales. For the vegan version, we designed a complimentary pattern that mimics the other, but is a visual differentiator." - Stitch Design Co. 

Agency: Stitch Design Co.

Client: Magasin Café

Designed by: Amy Pastre, Courtney Rowson 

Design and illustration: Kathryn Whyte  

City: Charleston

Country: U.S.A.