A Better Batch

Stitch Design Co. worked with A Better Batch cookies to produce cheery and playful box packaging for the brand's ready-to-bake vegan treats.



While the product is vegan the client wanted to make sure that the packaging was appealing to all consumers and not specifically targeted to just the vegan market. 

"We wanted to make sure to design the packaging based on the merit of the cookie not just the food category it falls within. We color coded each of the three flavors and added in illustrations to extend and enhance the look of the logo we created for them. The client also wanted to transcend the typical way in which you see frozen cookie dough packaged in the grocery stores. In stead of in a tube or plastic wrap, we designed the custom fit box to house the cookies. The custom sized and printed box give the packaging more prominence on the shelves, reinforcing the fact that the cookies are unique and special." - Stitch Design Co. 

This cookie packaging feels more like a beautiful gift set from mom's kitchen than it does food packaging with its subtle and elegant crosshatch pattern, clean illustrations and modern, easy-to-read fonts that stand out nicely against soft, pastel shades of blue, yellow and pink. 

Agency: Stitch Design Co.

Client: A Better Batch

Designed by: Amy Pastre, Courtney Rowson 

Design and illustration: Kathryn Whyte  

Country: U.S.A.