Oast House Brewers 2-Pack

Niagara Oast House Brewers collaborated with Insite Design to design a two-pack carrier with rustic appeal for their popular Farmhouse Ales.

For inspiration, the Canadian design agency looked no further than the brewery's rural location...An old red barn in Niagara on the Lake Ontario.  



"The case was custom designed and engineered to comfortably carry two 750mL bottles, while expressing a compelling extended story of the bucolic brand and it's style of beers. The result is a fun, relaxed farm pop collectible that is irresistible to thirsty urban farmers at the end of a successful harvest day." - Insite Design

From the clever beer-for-two packaging design, to the dimensional structure, bright color and fun font style, this product will appeal to more than just urban farmers.

Agency: Insite Design 
Designer: Barry Imber 
Printer: Ellis Packaging
Country: Canada