Solstice Canyon Almond Butter

Designer collective Project M+ offers an homage to California with branding, design and packaging for Solstice Canyon, an upcoming gourmet food producer based in Los Angeles.  



Set to release in October, Solstice Canyon specializes in organic small-batch food and pantry items including organic, raw almond butters and pantry items. 

The brand's packaging embodies the modern, bohemian lifestyle of coastal California. Vintage botanical illustrations are a backdrop to a refreshing white overlay with clean, linear font and minimal color. The center design communicates product details to buyers while complimenting, rather than competing, with the floral pattern. 

Agency: Project M Plus

Creative Director: Cleo Murnane 

Copy Writer: Sarah Dear 

Design Director: Kati Forner

Photography: Jennifer Young

City: Los Angeles

Country: U.S.A.