Modernist Jenga for Poznań University

Polish studio Zupagrafika designed collectible toy packaging inspired by the Collegium Altum at Poznań University



The Collegium Altum is a modernist skyscraper built in the late 1970s by architects Lech Sternal, Witold Milewski and Zygmunt Skupniewicz on the campus of Poznań's University of Economics. The steel structure, known as one of the tallest skyscrapers in Poznan, is made notable by its red facade and features more than 20 floors and nearly 500 rooms.  

The product, which is sold in the university store, features hand drawn details including window curtains and building imperfections. Inside the packaging, information about the architects, year of construction and location of the building are enclosed. 

Agency: Zupagrafika

City: Poznan

Country: Poland