Mamva Restaurant

MAMVA is a popular health-food restaurant in Mexico. The food served are fresh smoothies, juices, salads and paninins. The concept behind MAMVA is to showcase a simple language and communication with a friendly atmosphere. Mexican design agency, Anagrama created a unified branding and interior design for MAMVA. The restaurant logo showcases bold bright colors and a snake symbol. The snake represents health and medicine since ancient times similar to the caduceus symbol in medicine. The translation to this entire branding is to communicate good health and good food!

The color palette and rough materials give a care-free tropical vibe. The logotype presents a built-in, all-in-one practical guide to everything Mamva, such as its schedule and phone number. The brand also uses a simpler version of the logo in seal form, a nod towards its excellent food quality.
Finally, reaching across the branding spectrum to the shop interiors, the plant stalks pattern tightly rounds up the entire brand. 
"The interior design, with its enduring use of undisguised materials such as concrete, wood and marble, strives to be as honest as possible. The design embraces nature, so we included special space to plant vegetation. In addition, the ceiling has a unique and dynamic form inspired on the natural topography of mountainous ranges. The geometric ceiling amidst the steel furniture creates the perfect balance between modernity and warmth."