Design Gear: Adobe Ink & Slide

At The Dieline, we are suckers for the well designed & the well packaged. Design Gear highlights our picks for essential tools and toys of the trade.  

Adobe has recently partnered with Uneka, and Character SF to launch one of their first true packaged products in years: Adobe Ink & Slide. From the first look, you may think that this is just another iPad stylus. The truth is, Adobe has created a true game changer. The hardware is designed to work seamlessly with Adobe’s new iPad apps Adobe Sketch and Adobe Line, all linked to your Adobe Creative Cloud. The inventive hardware and software combination makes for a powerful tool for designing on the go, and so much more. 

“Since 1982, Adobe has built a reputation for developing world-class multimedia and creative software products. In July 2014, Adobe broke with tradition and launched its first ever hardware product–Ink & Slide." - Character SF


The Product:

Adobe Ink is a powerful piece of creative hardware that makes sketching and drawing more natural and fluid on the iPad. Ink features a fine-tip, pressure sensitive pen that allows for a high level of creative control and precision, not found on your typical iPad stylus. The Ink stylus is made out of hydro-formed aluminum that is contoured to fit perfectly in your hand. The tip of the Ink even features an LED that lets you customize the color. 

Adobe Slide is a digital ruler that lets you draw nearly any shape, including perfectly straight lines, perfect circles, classic French curves, and more. 

Ink & Slide require iPad (4th generation): iPad Air, iPad Mini or iPad Mini with Retina display.

The Package:

San Francisco based agency Character partnered with Uneka to execute the engineering and manufacturing portion of the packaging design. Character worked closely with Adobe’s creative team to develop a packaging program that supports Adobe’s new best-in-class hardware. The goal was to create a packaging solution that was inspiration and relevant for Adobe’s “Premier and Aspiring” designers.

“The simple elegance of a hinged box with precise layering of components and materials subtly reinforces the technology within. The box is made with Neenah premium uncoated papers. Custom dyed Molded Bagasse pulp cradles and protects the devices, revealing the unique form of the Ink and Slide. The simplicity and beauty of the package design is counter balanced by the execution of form and detail.” - Character SF

Character's Original Concepts:

“Character identified four design territories which guided the visual and structural exploration process; “Legacy” (fundamentals re-imagined), “Utility” (an essential tool that enhances the creative ideation process) “Lust” (product as icon) and “Mobility” (creative technology on the go). Each packaging concept was evaluated against its ability to deliver on both business and brand objectives.” - Character SF

Packaging Details:


Where to Buy:

Adobe Ink & Slide is $199, and available for purchase here.

Adobe crafted a beautiful digital pen and ruler for their contribution to mobile workflow. Enticing designers, architects and students with software and hardware that works seamlessly with iPad tablets.
— Uneka

Graphic and Packaging Design: Character
Engineering and Manufacturing: UNEKA