Cella Facial Mask

When Kawakong Designworks produced packaging for Cella Paramedical's Nano-Cullulose Facial & Eye Mask they relied on their interpretation of the product rather than the appearance to create packaging that appeals to consumers. 

"From our perspective, we wanted to focus more on delivering the physical aspect 
of the mask rather than just making them look expensive. For us, the mask 
feels like a cooling, naked layer of spongy membrane gluing closely to the skin, 
waiting for the nutrients slowly to be absorb." 

The packaging feels luxuriously cool, simple and fresh thanks to its minimalist, black and white design, accented with Cella's delicate graphics resembling biological imprints like skin fibers, fingerprints and DNA strands.   

AgencyKawakong Designworks
City: Kuala Lumpur 
Country: Malaysia