Project Iztrubal

Israeli based Culinary Branding was asked to create a private wine label for leading Tel-Aviv restaurant, Mizlala. The design needed to encompass the boldness and youth of the "Israeli spirit."


Three labels were introduced for each variety of wine

The 1st was Iztrubal (meaning "Pine-Cone" in hebrew), made of Cabernet-Savignon, with a touch of Syrah 
The 2nd was a white version of Iztrubal (made of Gewürztraminer) 
The 3rd was another red, made of Shiraz grapes. The wine was named Caroucella, attempting to convey a childlike spinning sensation.

Design by Culinary Branding
Label Designers: Designed by Culinary Branding with the assistance of Omri Samuelson & Oren Akrish-Biton
Country: Israel