Tony Moly Skin Creams

Tony Moly has found a way to adorably package they’re whitening, brightening, detoxifying, magical skin creams. Each cream targets specific unwanted qualities on the skin by using natural fruit extracts as a source to fight against them. With so many skin products out on the market, Tony Moly needed to create packaging that would stand out from the rest. The solution takes form with a variety of fruits, which not only extenuates the ingredients used, but also extends the shelf-life of the product on a consumer’s vanity. The objects become a souvenir, a conversation piece, as well as a collectable.

Tony Moly is the mixture of the words “Tony” which means nice and trendy, and “Moly” which means included or employed in japanese. The Tony Moly Brand, which is a simple mixture of black, white and gray and with the style of the young urban scene shows the premium cosmetic image that Tony Moly is trying to emulate.

TONYMOLY aims to boost your confidence in your skin by providing multi-function,complete care solutions for troubled areas

Designed by Tony Moly

Country: Korea