Y Water

Beverage producer Y Water Inc. worked with packaging company Tetra Pak to produce retail packaging for its children's beverage line. 



Y Water is a healthy beverage alternative infused with vitamins, minerals and electrolytes.

“It’s industrial design on the highest level. The simplest no-waste shape leads to the purest, most unique drinking container. Kids love it. It’s fun and simple, but the thought that went into it is sophisticated. We are very pleased to work with Tetra Pak for Y Water. It’s a perfect match of philosophies of our two companies.” Thomas Arndt, founder and CEO of Y Water

Based off Tetra's Classic Aseptic packaging template, the first industrial drink package design ever produced by Tetra Pak, the design features a triangular, no-waste industrial cutting die mold that is perfectly suited to Y Water's brand.

The playful colors, bubble logotype and unique design make this a fun and very portable choice for packaging aimed at kids. 

Packaging by: Tetra Pak

City: Los Angeles

Country: U.S.A.