Seventh Duchess Apothecary

Nude Design Studio was called on to help luxury tea retailer The Seventh Duchess produce brand identity and design for its line of organic, herbal blends. 



Nude Design Studio created a brand and packaging that would differentiate The Apothecary range from the retailer's ‘classic’ range, while also creating a unique place for the products within the saturated health food market. 

The Apothecary is one of three brand lines offered by the The Seventh Duchess. It consists of 100% organic, naturally herbal, tisane blends. 

"A considered focus was placed on the combination of an elegant simplicity and a self-assured, striking contemporary color. The packaging design reflected both the energy and dichotomy of flavors offered in the teas, while the copywriting introduced a friendly, adventurous personality to the brand." - Nude Design Studio 

The design is minimal and elegant, in keeping with the company's 19th century muses, but enlivened with brightly colored sketches that are very much encyclopedic in their representation of the flowers and herbs that make up the tea's primary ingredients.

Art Direction and Design: Sonja Danilovic

Designed by: Nude Design Studio

Illustration: Novica Danilovic

Country: Australia