Before & After: Legacy Roasters

Legacy Roasters is a cafe dedicated to selling and preparing speciality food and coffee. Legacy takes pride in their coffee growing. They know the origin and procedures for all the coffee they serve and sell. Para Todo Hay Fans, a studio based out of Mexico, created a design that kept the dignity of the coffee and remained true to its origin, using elements of the old logo like the top hat and mustache. A design and packaging execution that is graphically intriguing, and paired with an updated and beautiful color story.


Previous Design


Re-Design by: Para Todo Hay Fans

"In the part of the tea we work with one of the best houses of tea in the country named Carabanserai, located in Roma D.F., they provide french tea and realize their own mixtures of excellent quality. By our part we realize the redesign of their identity where we look to keep and stylize the main elements of their old logo, as the top hatted, the gentleman’s mustache and the cup of coffee, the result is a clean logo, sophisticated and with an european tendency, to give the classic touch on the composition of the new identity and unique consume experience. On the packaging we use ziploc type bags of rice paper to keep the freshness of the tea and also the coffee, and we tag with two stickers, one with the illustration of coffee beans and another one with the picture of a cup of tea."

Designed by Para Todo Hay Fans
Designer: Moisés Guillén Romero
Country: Mexico