Hitotubu Kanro Luxury Candy

Kanro Candy is a Japanese confectionery brand with a rich history spanning over 100 years. The design for Kanro luxury candy is simple with minimal and delicate details. Japanese studio, Draft, maintains consistency throughout the Kanro brand by using one bold color and illustrations throughout each collection, from Holiday specific packaging to Kanro's gift bags.

"Orange is utilized as the main color throughout the packaging and symbols for the different flavors – ginger, plum, wasanbon (a fine Japanese sugar) and mizuame (a sweet syrup) – are die-cut into the gift box, so that the product is visible when the consumer slides open the lid."

Client: KANRO Co., Ltd., Tokyo
Design: DRAFT Co., Ltd., Tokyo
Art Direction/Concept: Akiko Sekimoto
Graphic Design: Akiko Sekimoto, Kazuya Iwanaga
Production: Toshiaki Kawamata, Minako Nakaoka, Sachiko Hosoda, Ruri Fujimura
Via: Red Dot Awards
City: Tokyo