Carpe Nux

Food retailer Carpe Nux teamed up with London-based design agency Designer's Anonymous to create brand identity and packaging for its luxury line of nuts with unique fusion flavoring.


"By introducing portraits to each flavor we not only brought the characters behind each roast to life, but also gave the packaging a 'collectible' feel rather than an individual purchase. Each [flavor] come[s] in similar and yet richly unique packaging. Each charismatic packet boasts it’s own beautifully loud color--further promoting their exotic individuality, but also allowing them to stand out in unison as a selection to be remembered. We added depth and discovery on each pack by continuing the story on the back of each collector card, with an engaging and inspiring quote that celebrates the legacy and relevance of these characters in today's world." - Designer's Anonymous

The agency created a fun and memorable brand campaign to help consumers associate themselves with worldly characters whom share unique philosophy and attributes of the product's flavors. 

The logo is what you might expect from a company in the nut business, representative of the past but polished and sophisticated enough to be modern as well. 

Agency: Designer's Anonymous

Country: UK