ZARA Woman Perfume

Spanish retailer Zara worked with Aktiva Premium Design for the brand’s fragrance, Zara Woman. Aktiva Premium Design based the outer packaging on a floral bouquet, using pencil and water color for the delicate floral illustrations, selecting fine stock with pastel tones, and contrasting with metallic inks, to transform this fragrance into a bold statement of sensuality and romanticism.

"Inspired by the essence of the Zara woman; an audacious, free-spirited woman that cultivates her feminine mystery like an ornate secret garden."
"This collection of 3 fragrances (Woman, L’Eau, and Intense) consists of two “Eau de Parfum” and one “Eau de Toilette”. All three belonging to the Floral and Fruity olfactory families."

Design by Aktiva Premium Design Studio
Country: Spain