Hugh Hamilton Pure Black

With the name, Hugh Hamilton “Pure Black”, this design from KS Design Studio literally illustrates the deepest of blacks. The opaque black wine bottle is tagged with a metallic seal, submerged halfway in black wax and encased in a black box. The overall look is elegant and sophisticated with a touch of gothic.

The medallion was made of 3mm forged metal and tooled to suit the bottle surface. The centre was then sand etched to provide a textured background to contrast against the fine detail in the dimensional sheep. The entire medallion was then plated in Black Nickel.

High gloss wax was sourced from USA and each bottle was hand dipped before the medallion and back label were hand applied using a purpose built jig.

Each bottle was then carefully placed into a gift box, slid into an outer sleeve and hand numbered. The box covering resembles fine soft leather, is lined with high density black foam and embellished with black foil stamping.

Designed by KS Design Studio

Client: Hugh Hamilton

Country: Australia